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Motivation: Many public Wi-Fi networks block certain internet ports and protocols. For example, a...

Adam Novotny 2018-12-30

Contents: Too Big To Fail, Low Interest Rates & Mortgages, Accountability and Ethics

This month...

Adam Novotny 2018-09-23

Topics: Firebase Hosting, AWS Lambda

Serverless has become a popular solution for small to...

Adam Novotny 2018-09-09

Topics: Stack Selection, Heroku, Testing

Adam Novotny 2018-09-02

Topics: Performance Metrics, Commentary

Adam Novotny 2018-08-19

Topics: Performance Metrics, Cross Validation, Model Selection, Hyperparameter Optimization, Project...

Adam Novotny 2018-08-12

Topics: Data Cleaning, Target Variable Selection, Feature Extraction, Scaling, Dimensionality...

Adam Novotny 2018-08-05

Freakonomics podcast titled

Most economic variables of western economies are reaching record highs in at least a decade. However,...

Adam Novotny 2018-06-23

In my

Adam Novotny 2018-06-10

Just like many people using free online services, I used to ignore many Terms of Service notices and...

Adam Novotny 2018-06-03

as long as people understand what they are buying.

Raising money using cryptocurrency issuance...

Adam Novotny 2017-09-03

CVXOPT is an excellent Python package for linear programming. However, when I was getting started with...

Adam Novotny 2017-08-16